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Digital Imaging





Liquid Penetrant


Centura can contract to produce a custom solution

for your Penetrant System requirements!


Magnetic Particle


Centura has access to OEM parts, both new and used,

for most models of MPI equipment.

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Download Brochure on the Industrex HPX-1 Digital System

Ultrasonic Testing

Test Blocks

Film & Chemistry

Centura X-Ray / NDT is proud to offer products from the

best manufacturers in the industry.

Film & Chemistry / Film Loader

Automatic Film Processors - FIP 7000, FPM 6000SP


Cleaning Equipment

Lead Cabinets

Please consult you sales professionals at 800.992.3024 or

Portable Equipment


Click Here for brochure on PXS Series



X-Ray Equipment


X-Ray Non-Destructive Evaluation

We are very proud to offer the only 100% American Designed, produced, and supported industrial X-Ray machines available today.

Polaris Systems

The Polaris systems combine combine state-of-the-art electronics and materials into the lightest, most compact, X-Ray generator system available to the industrial market. Many different energy levels and control options are possible. Please consult you sales professionals at 800.992.3024 or

X-Ray Equipment

Polaris Systems
Image Intensifiers

Cabinets & Rooms

Centura X-Ray can help you design a custom X-Ray enclosure, with or without material handling equipment, to meet your requirements.


Sekonic Light Meter for NDT X-Ray film viewers
Custom Alarm controllers for all X-Ray machines
Radiation Monitoring for all X-Ray / Gamma equipment




Industrial X-Ray Technologies

X-ray component and module technology: Superior performance and quality through perpetual innovation and improvement.





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